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Using thephpleague Flysystem with S3 and public read

For a project I had to store some files on Amazon S3 and I used the wonderful Flysystem package from The PHPLeague. While using this I encountered 2 problems: 1. Region lock If your S3 bucket is created in any other region than US (although it seems impossible to do so) you might encounter problems […]

jQuery Ajax call tutorial

Somehow I got a lot of questions about jQuery and Ajax, which is quite easy to understand. I’ll show you how to create an ajax call using jQuery and update the page without reloading. I assume you have knowledge of HTML, CSS and basic HTTP techniques.

a simple search with AngularJS and PHP

Recently I found AngularJS, a so called “Superheroic Javascript MVC framework” by Google®. I must say I am impressed by its simple, readable and quick way of working.

List all controllers and methods in Codeigniter

Use the following library to list all Controllers and methods of a Codeigniter application. You could use it for information about your application or to protect controllers and methods with an ACL plugin for example.

PHP and MySQL LOAD_FILE solution

Are you near your boiling point when using the MySQL LOAD_FILE function fromĀ  a PHP script, here is the solution. You already debugged the file uploads, file movements, renaming and so on, nothing worked.

List all controllers in Cakephp 2

I needed to list all the Controllers of an Cakephp 2 application. I searched the webz and found an old article that got me started. The original article with code is here: Here is the (rewritten) code for a CakePHP 2 Component: